The real Noah Bradley is just another kid who loves making stuff. I love creating pictures people respond to, telling stories people relate to, and creating content people can learn from. That's what I'm all about. Anything beyond that is probably a byproduct of my interest in entrepreneurship and marketing. I can come across as a little over eager. Most likely because I am.

I've been so lucky to work in the industry that inspired me so much when I was growing up. I watched sci-fi with my dad and played games with my brother. I dreamed of, someday, maybe getting to work on this stuff. To make the stuff that I love. And somehow it's worked out well enough that I get to do just that. I am so incredibly, insanely, inconceivably thankful to live the life I have. I have a great family, a healthy body, the skills and mind to do work I love, the chance to travel and explore the world, and so many supportive people around me to cheer me on. I don't ever want to go a day without reminding myself of that.

I think, if you'll let me get a little philosophical here, that being an artist isn't ever about figuring everything out. It's about the process of figuring everything out. And I am definitely in that process.

I love the chance to connect with students, fellow artists, and art directors alike. If you want to chat, shoot me an email or connect on the social media of your choice. Hope to talk to you soon!

- Noah

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