The First Ever Livestream Critique!

Livestream sketch 1 by Noah BradleyLivestream sketch 2Livestream sketch 3 by Noah Bradley

Want a free critique? Want to watch me paintover your piece so you can see, in real time, how to improve it? Want to cry bitter tears as I rip your piece to shreds? Well now’s your chance.

Just a few days ago I did a livestream of me doing a few sketches (the pictures you see here). Something like 70 people were watching for a while—crazy stuff. So after hearing some requests, I thought it would a great idea to try doing a live critique session. You submit your work, I do a critique of it for everyone to see. I’ll try to treat it as a class, so even if it’s not your piece being critiqued you’ll still be able to get some information out of it.

  1. How to submit

    Email me at with your piece attached. Please only send pieces that are either finished or at least well on their way to being finished. I don’t need a super-high-res copy of it, but something in the 2000 pixel range would be nice. Let me know if you would like me to keep your name a secret or not; it’s ok if you’re a little shy. Environments are of course my specialty so you’ll probably get the most help if you send an enviro, but I’m happy to help with any sort of work you send. If there’s anything in particular about the piece that you would like help with, go ahead and tell me in the email.

  2. Watch the livestream at 11:30am EST on August 24 (next Wednesday). If you can’t make it live, I’ll be making this one available publicly for anyone who is interested in watching. No guarantees how many pieces I’ll get through, but there should be quite a few.
  3. RSVP to the Facebook event and invite your friends! If you’re particularly awesome and tell lots of people about this then I’ll give you a super-special critique.

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