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How to Start a Painting

A good start is always better than a mediocre finish.

By learning to start well, you’re setting yourself up for making much better paintings down the road. You can render something till the end of the time, but if it didn’t start well it’s likely not going to finish well.

In this 2 hour, 30 minute video I create 6 different sketches in Photoshop while answering a wide range of audience-contributed questions. From theoretical topics to more technical details, we cover it all.

And you know the best part? It’s free! That’s right, I’m giving this video away. All you have to do is click the button below, share it on Twitter or Facebook, and the download is all yours. I’ve even included the original, high-res file so you can zoom in and check out exactly what I was doing on each of the pieces.

To follow my work or find out when I release more free content, please check out my Facebook page or Twitter profile.

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