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Online Mentorship

June 13 Update: Unfortunately, I have to put the mentorship program on pause for the time being. Personal projects, freelance work, and my other teaching endeavors have started taking too much of my attention to put it into my mentorship program for the time being. I’ve loved running this mentorship and I can’t wait to resume sometime in the near future.

I am looking for artists who are committed, serious, and desperate to improve. If you have the desire but need direction and motivation to grow, I can be your personal mentor.

I will help you be a better artist.


  • Introductory Portfolio Review – Everyone will start with an individual portfolio review. I will spend an hour talking with you about your work and where you want to take it. We’ll figure out where your work needs improvement and figure out how to fill those gaps. We’ll also find your strengths and see how to best refine those.
  • Weekly paintover critique – Every week I will do live paintovers for everyone in the program. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn exactly what you need to do to make stronger work.
  • Group discussions – There will be a central place where we can have group discussions. Ask questions about art, marketing, or business and get answers. You can also post work at any time
  • Weekly demos – Every week I will spend a couple hours doing exclusive live demos. I’ll be covering essential topics that will help you with your work.
  • Optional assignments – If you work better with assignments and deadlines, I will make those for you.



How to Apply

Email me here: noahbradley@gmail.com

Answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to get out of this mentorship?
  • What do you want to do with your work?
  • What is the coolest non-art thing you have done in the past year?

Attach 5 low-res JPGs of your work. Additionally, a link to a portfolio or blog where I can see more work is appreciated.

Space is extremely limited and spots are first-come-first-serve.


  • When does this begin?
    Applications are done on a rolling basis. Send in your application the month before you want to start.
  • I applied but didn’t hear back. Did you get my application?
    Yes, I did. I will send responses as I have the time. Don’t worry. I didn’t forget about you.
  • Are there any requirements for this mentorship?
    Commitment, time, and a good internet connection. I would greatly appreciate it if you had a good webcam, too.
  • How long is the mentorship?
    As long as you want it to be. Payment is on a month-to-month basis, so you can stop at any time. I would encourage you to do at least a couple months (it will be easier to see improvement in your work in that amount of time). But do it as long as you think you need it.