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The Desperate Lamentations

The Desperate Lamentations by Noah Bradley

This is an epic 5 hour livestream of my complete process—starting with a blank canvas and resulting in a finished concept painting. During the time I chat with the audience about nearly anything you can think of. My buddy Marc Scheff even joins in for a little bit. There’s all sort of useful information contained within (and a healthy dose of anecdotes and banter to balance things out).

I’ve included the full resolution file I worked on so you can see exactly what I was looking at.


Environment Speedpainting 1

Livestream sketch 1 by Noah BradleyLivestream sketch 2Livestream sketch 3 by Noah Bradley

In this three hour video on quickly painting images from scratch in Photoshop, you’ll see three different methods to approach speedpainting: painting directly from a thumbnail, starting with a rough drawing and painting the rest, and starting with random shapes and developing an image from the shapes that emerge.

If you’ve ever wondered how to capture your ideas quickly and (relatively) easily, this is the video to watch. See how to solve problems efficiently without worrying about details. Artists far too often have the ability to render and detail an image but lose sight of the bigger picture. Practicing speedpainting on a regular basis can focus your attention on the image as a whole.


Environment Speedpainting 2

Sketch for The Death of Dreams by Noah Bradley done on LivestreamLivestream sketch 5 by Noah BradleyLivestream sketch 6 by Noah BradleyLivestream sketch 7 by Noah Bradley

Four full-color sketches in under two hours? No problem!

In this relaxed late-night recording I show how to take four separate ideas to a refined sketch phase. These are prime examples of the sort of sketches that I send to clients for approval. They are clear enough to be understandable without being too time consuming. I also do these sort of sketches for myself when I’m looking to see if an idea is worth finishing. After 30 minutes you should be able to tell if a piece is headed in the right direction or not. And if you only invested 30 minutes into something, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out.